MAPLE Colloquium -- Friday, February 26February 5, 2010

Tentative Location:ITE 325B

10-10:15Welcome/Lab OverviewMarie desJardins
10:15-10:30Design and Control of Agent-Based SystemsDon Miner
10:30-10:45Trust in Supply Chain ManagementYasaman Haghpanah
10:45-11:00Trust and Policies in Agent-Organized NetworksLaura Zavala
11:15-11:30Skill Learning for Plan AbstractionJames MacGlashan
11:30-11:40Plan Libraries for Rapid ReplanningRob Holder
11:40-11:50Query-based Search Mechanism Pradeep Chinnam
11:50-12:00Discovering and Characterizing Hidden VariablesSoumi Ray
1:00-1:15Medican Time Series Analysis and VisualizationPatti Ordonez
1:15-1:30Hybrid Representations for Preference LearningJosh Jones
1:30-1:45Playing to ProgramDavid Walser
1:45-2:00Machine Learning ApplicationsJames MacGlashan / Kevin Winner